Water Damage Photo Gallery

The Power of Water, West Yellowstone, MT

A call to a local hotel in West Yellowstone, MT found a pipe had come disconnected and water ran for up to 3 days.  The force was so strong it drilled a hole in the wall

Water Damage Is No Vacation, Idaho Falls, ID

This homeowner had taken an extended vacation and came home to find he needed waders in his basement.  It is unknown exactly how long a broken water line had dumped water in to the basement but he said it could have been up to 3 weeks

Fridge Water Filter Causes Water Damage in Jackson, WY

A water filter on the fridge clogged and caused water damage throughout the kitchen at this high-end resort home.  The picture you are seeing is SERVPRO of Idaho Falls' specialty wood drying mats in an attempt to save the hardwood flooring.  Because of the specialty equipment SERVPRO was able to save the flooring and the customer was thrilled with the result.

Iona Water Damaged Ceiling

The water lines in the attic dripped sufficient moisture onto the ceiling acoustical tiles that they began to sag. The partial demolition removed the non-salvageable building material and the leak fixed before an antimicrobial product was sprayed into the exposed area. Get it done right with SERVPRO.

Ammon Water Damage

The foundation allowed seepage of groundwater after a storm and water damaged the baseboard and some of the underlay of the laminated flooring. We extracted the water and used several pieces of equipment to dry out the area.

Rexburg Leaking Drain Pipe Causes Water Damage

This water damage in Rexburg was the result of a drain pipe that cracked at the elbow. The damage was easy enough to fix after replacing the cracked pvc. The fogging of an antimicrobial agent was important in this process.