Community Photo Gallery

Moose in Jackson Wyoming

While traveling to a help a customer with a mold issue in their home, SERVPRO of Idaho Falls came upon a couple of moose grazing by the side of the road.  The Idaho Falls area is an amazing place to live and we are lucky to be part of it.  

Although this picture was taken in late September 2017 notice the snow is already forming on the mountains.  Nothing is better than Idaho summers, but you better be pretty hardy to live here in the winters.  

Yellowstone Park is an hour away and will get up to 55' of snow a year.  If you have only been to the park in the summer, you are missing out.  

Smoke Detector and Alarm Install Ammon

SERVPRO of Idaho Falls, along with the Ammon Fire Department and the American Red Cross were able to install free smoke alarms within the community for those in need.  All together we were able to install 116 alarms and 32 batteries in 41 homes. We are grateful for the opportunity to volunteer and improve the safety and well being of those in our community.