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Annual First Responders Lunch

8/9/2021 (Permalink)

Every year SERVPRO of Idaho Falls & Rexburg/Rigby hosts a lunch for all of the first responders in the  Southeast Idaho surrounding areas.

We are a veteran owned and operated company and we know the importance of giving back to the hero's in our community. These men and women risk their lives every day to keep our friend, family and neighbors safe and well. 

This year SERVPRO has decided to ask local businesses in the area to assist in making this day as special as possible for our local hero's. We will provide food and drinks as well as some goodies they are able to take with them. We believe in the importance of community support and with everything our Hero's do for us this is just a small gesture that we can provide to them.

There's a new business in town!

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO was at the opening of the new Costco bright & early to show our support to our newest business in town! As a franchise Veteran owned business, we feel that it is extremely important to be active members of our community and to get to know other businesses in town.

As an active member of our community we find it is very important to introduce ourselves around town so that other businesses know who we are. When businesses have water or fire disasters, we want them to know our owners by name so they can feel comfortable in such a tragic time. It is so important that during a disaster they know that the end result will eventually be a successful one.

Our highly trained team of professionals are ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We strive to always be up to date on the newest training and techniques as well as CDC guidelines. If your business has a fire, water, mold, asbestos, biohazard or COVID disaster, give SERVPRO a call today at (208) 523-5365.

Ride for 22

8/26/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is so excited to be a part of this amazing event this upcoming Labor Day weekend! The UTV Invasion happens every year around Labor Day in the St. Anthony’s Dunes. There are thousands of people who attend this 5-day event and it is growing every year. SERVPRO has decided to set up a charity raffle in honor of an amazing organization that means so much to all of our employees called Ride for 22.

 Ride For 22® is a non-profit 501c3 organization who cares deeply and passionately about serving our nation’s military and their families. Our mission states we will do three things: spread awareness of PTS and educate the public, serve as a living memorial and provide support and comfort to the loved ones left behind. We hope to accomplish this mission in several ways; participating in ride events, recruiting other riders to join us in raising awareness, being visible at events such as ride’s and health expos, networking families to help each other through the grieving process, help with ride registration fees for veterans battling PTS or the families of those who have lost the battle, share helpful resources to help those suffering or dealing with loss, and much more. Our hope by raising awareness and educating the public is that we can help eliminate some of the stigma that surrounds military PTS and allow for veterans to seek and receive the help and social support they so desperately need and reduce the number 22 to 0.

Easter Egg Hunt

6/4/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Idaho Falls is dedicated to being their for our community whenever we are able to do so. Recently we donated a bike to an Easter event in Rexburg, ID.

Rexburg Community Easter Egg Hunt 2019

 The Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Rexburg Kiwanis and First American Title will host the annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 20th.

Taking place at Porter Park, The Easter Egg Hunt will begin at 10 a.m. and will feature 19,009 eggs for children ages 12 and under to collect.

Easter Eggs will include candy and certificates for up to 865 prizes. Some of the awards can consist of kites, puzzle games, punch balloons, and bicycles donated by various businesses and individuals.

In addition, the Easter egg bunny will be making an appearance during the event starting at 9:15 a.m. At 10:00 a.m. Guests are encouraged to arrive 15-20 minutes early as to avoid missing out on this wonderful event.

Spring Brew Fest

5/1/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO was lucky enough to be able to volunteer our time with the City of Idaho Falls downtown development Spring Brew event. Downtown Idaho Falls is currently raising money to help with the development on Downtown Idaho Falls. Their Mission is: The Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to establishing Historic Downtown Idaho Falls as the regional center for commercial, cultural, and leisure activities for residents and visitors alike.

The beer fest was a community event and SERVPRO was out there helping to raise money. Our marketers Megan, Corey, and Danielle along with the owner himself, Skylar Price, donated their time and service to help make our beautiful city of Idaho Falls even better. Our franchise is huge on volunteer work and have lined up many different events throughout the year from Idaho falls to St. Anthony’s for us to attend. We couldn’t be more excited and cannot wait until the next event.

Halloween is almost here!

10/29/2018 (Permalink)

With Halloween fast approaching it is important to take every safety precaution. Here are a few tips and tricks to practice to keep yourself and your children safe.

  1. Cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks.
  2. Look left, right and left again when crossing and keep looking as you cross. 
  3. Put electronic devices down and keep heads up and walk, don’t run, across the street.
  4. Teach children to make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them.
  5. Always walk on sidewalks or paths. If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic as far to the left as possible.  Children should walk on direct routes with the fewest street crossings.
  6. Watch for cars that are turning or backing up. Teach children to never dart out into the street or cross between parked cars.

Trick or Treat With an Adult

  1. Children under the age of 12 should not be alone at night without adult supervision. If kids are mature enough to be out without supervision, they should stick to familiar areas that are well lit and trick-or-treat in groups.

Keep Costumes Both Creative and Safe

  1. Decorate costumes and bags with reflective tape or stickers and, if possible, choose light colors.
  2. Choose face paint and makeup whenever possible instead of masks, which can obstruct a child’s vision.
  3. Have kids carry glow sticks or flashlights to help them see and be seen by drivers. 
  4. When selecting a costume, make sure it is the right size to prevent trips and falls. 

Drive Extra Safely on Halloween

  1. Slow down and be especially alert in residential neighborhoods. Children are excited on Halloween and may move in unpredictable ways.
  2. Take extra time to look for kids at intersections, on medians and on curbs.
  3. Enter and exit driveways and alleys slowly and carefully.
  4. Eliminate any distractions inside your car so you can concentrate on the road and your surroundings.
  5. Drive slowly, anticipate heavy pedestrian traffic and turn your headlights on earlier in the day to spot children from greater distances.
  6. Popular trick-or-treating hours are 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. so be especially alert for kids during those hours.

Emergency Bags

8/30/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is hoping to find businesses that would be willing to donate items for our emergency bags. Once the bags are filled, they will be donated to the fire departments and handed out to families who have been displaced from their homes due to fire disasters.

Between 2011-2015 there were a reported 358,000 structure fires in the United States. 6.7 billion in direct damage! As a community we feel that we should be giving back to those who have suffered major devastation.

We want to give these families hope! We want to show them that SERVPRO cares. Which is why we are asking our community to come together and donate for this amazing cause. These families that have endured this kind of tragedy deserve so much. We are hoping that by providing these bags that it gives them just a little bit of hope. Below are items we feel would be most beneficial to these families in need.

*Coloring books


*baby wipes


*cotton swabs









*hand sanitizer


If you or someone you know would like to donate please give us a call today!

If you happen to have a disaster please give us a call at (208)523-5365. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all your cleaning and restoration needs. We are on call so your disaster will always get taken care of right away.

It was just so wonderful

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

We are always so thrilled to get reviews from our customers. Whether they are amazing or something we need to improve on, we always appreciate to hear our customers honest opinion. This recent review that we received put a HUGE smile on all of our faces.

Zach was just so pleasant. I had no issues with him at all. They have all been just wonderful to me and very accommodating and would do anything for me.  You couldn’t not be pleased with them and their work. I am just amazed that they treated me so good. They do just wonderful work and I am so impressed. They are wonderful. All of them have been nice. The great big guy was just wonderful. They are all wonderful! Look at Martin. He is always smiling and whistling. They make it fun. We have a lot of fun. Hey you might as well go with it then fight it! I leave the house and leave the door unlocked. They just come and go. I have no problem with it. I trust them completely. They just come and work and leave. I tell them exactly what to do and they do it. Martin and the other guys that were with him found out it was my birthday and they all sang Happy Birthday to me. It was just so wonderful.


A Day of Remembrance

5/25/2018 (Permalink)

Memorial Day, was inaugurated in 1868. It was previously designated Decoration Day, for the purpose of decorating the graves of Civil War veterans. Memorial Day has since become a day on which all war dead are commemorated. On Memorial Day, we remember those among us and those who have gone before, who secured for us the precious freedoms that we enjoy today. It is a day to once again acknowledge the price for which our freedom was purchased--a cost beyond measure.

Let us consider briefly the price that has been paid for us to breathe the air of a new morning, to assemble in the park to enjoy a summer concert, to attend worship services in the church of our choice, and to dream the American dream without limitations. Then, let us pause to remember those who have cultivated and tended our land of freedom--with their courage, their tears, their blood and their very lives.


Our fallen heroes still whisper to us from the grave. If we listen carefully, even today, we can hear the muffled sounds of their call to arms in defense of our nation. This same spirit of freedom is carried in the wind and echoes down through the ages. It is everywhere you look. It can be found in the voices of our children playing in the school yards, in the bountiful goods offered for sale in privately owned places of commerce within our community and in the faces of our citizens in polling places on Election Day.

This spirit can be found in abundance in every corner of every community in this great nation of ours. For this spirit is like an eternal flame. It was lit by the courage and blood of our founding fathers, fanned by the winds of patriots to a brightness beyond description, and then sheltered and protected by members of our Armed Forces from the storms of tyrants and dictators who feared and were blinded by the intense light of liberty and freedom.


Our heartfelt prayers and thanks go out to all of those brave men and women who have stepped forward without hesitation to serve our nation so valiantly in its time of need. These are the qualities that heroes are made of. They are the same qualities that made and have kept America great and free since our founding fathers landed at Plymouth Rock, dedicating their lives to raising up a great republic that would forever be a beacon of freedom to the entire world. We are the land of the free because we are the home of the brave.