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Cleaning Contents

6/4/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is not only known for their restoration skills but we also clean the homes and businesses contents that go through a fire, water, mold and asbestos disasters.

Cleaning contents is an extremely important part of the entire process. Our first step in this process is taking a complete detailed inventory of all belongings affected. We safely pack them and bring them to our facility where we start the next process. We then meticulously and carefully clean every item by hand until we are 100% satisfied with the item. We also have products we use to neutralize odors like smoke smell so that there are no odors left on the items.

SERVPRO is dedicated to making your home or business look as if your disaster never happened. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a fire, water, mold or asbestos disaster give SERVPRO call today.


6/12/2018 (Permalink)

When taking or removing materials from a home, cleanliness and containment are two of the most important aspects to consider. Containing surfaces not only reduces clean up, it also keeps items safe from contamination.

There are a lot of different ways your items and home can get contaminated. One way is through water contamination. Your home can have a pipe burst, there can be a flood, or there can be a leaky area in your house letting water in. No matter what way it happens, water contamination needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. If you find the problem in time there is a chance you can save your items as well as reduce the cost of repairs.

SERVPRO is always here to help when you need us. We have trained employees who know how to deal with this very problem.

Water Damage and Commodes

10/8/2016 (Permalink)

Commode Backup Should Get Professional Sanitary Service in Ammon

SERVPRO Restoration Advice After An Overflowing Toilet

It happens at the absolutely worst time and cannot be ignored -- your toilet has overflowed, and you have a major mess on your hands. You may feel this is a problem you can manage by yourself with a mop and a bucket. It is wise to have the experts from SERVPRO assess the damage. Debris and water from a backed up toilet is a potential biohazard, and as it spills into your bathroom, the proper steps need to be taken to ensure the safety and health of your family and guests. You need an expert at your side when assessing the magnitude of this problem, and we are ready to help.

An overflowing toilet in Ammon can spread urine and fecal matter across a large area depending on how long it takes to stop the flow. Even if the majority of the spill appears to be clean water, the possibility of infectious contamination is real when a household toilet overflows. After examining the materials surrounding the toilet some steps may need to be taken to ensure no hazardous residues remain to imperil your family after repair and clean up. Homeowners who contact us can rely upon the experience and training of our technicians to contain and remove the contaminated water as well as choose proper disinfecting products and techniques to restore your bathroom to a hygienic state.
When assessing the damage done by an overflowing toilet SERVPRO technicians will inspect the walls and floor surrounding the toilet. Often ceramic or porcelain tile is used in the bathroom so our employees will search for any cracks or breaches in the tiling that could lead to the contaminated water seeping into subflooring or a ceiling below. If the water reached a porous floor, rug or carpeting, it is likely industry standards may recommend removal and replacement of these items as the contaminated water are highly infectious. In other situations, it may be possible to use chemical disinfecting agents to eradicate the pathogens. You will appreciate the comprehensive knowledge base and the experience we offer as we consult with you always looking for the most efficient and safest resolution of your toilet backup challenge.
When an overflowing toilet creates an unhealthy mess, call SERVPRO of Idaho Falls without delay. Reach dispatchers at (208) 523-5365 for immediate scheduling of a service from our technicians to help you choose the proper response to this unpleasant problem.