Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Don't Just Jiggle The Handle

This household experienced significant water damage and thus mold infestation when they ignored the fact that their toilet ran and ran. They kept thinking that... READ MORE

Moisture and Poor Ventilation is Recipe for Mold

This homeowner called SERVPRO with a pretty serious mold issue. The water heater was in a closet that was not ventilated and a very thick door. They never rea... READ MORE

Grout Gone Bad

Cracked shower or tub grout is not only unsightly but can lead to mold growth as the water has the perfect opportunity to find its way wunder the cracks and beg... READ MORE

Bathroom Mold In Idaho Falls, ID

This bathroom in Idaho Falls, ID had significant water and mold damage due primarily to lack of ventilation. After taking a shower the water literally had no p... READ MORE

Mold Closes Business in Idaho Falls

Mold can start within a very short period of time after a water damage can occur. This particular client initially called SERVPRO of Idaho Falls to repair a wa... READ MORE

Mold throughout the Attic in Idaho Falls, ID

This home in Idaho Falls, ID had a significant leak in its roof. Over time the leak saturated the entire attic and mold formed literally everywhere. Adding to... READ MORE

Mold Infestation in an Idaho Falls Wall

The homeowner noticed a musty smell emanating from a wall in his home office in Idaho Falls. The moisture content was elevated from the lawn sprinkler head hitt... READ MORE