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Water out of the toilet

After a terrible toilet overflow SERVPRO was called to completely remodel this families entire bathroom. On, They say that "Sim... READ MORE

Where the heck is the ceiling

After a water leak at this residence, SERVPRO had to cut out and redo the entire ceiling. There is a lot of hidden dangers that come along with water disasters.... READ MORE

Is your toilet running?

After a toilet would not stop running and eventually cause water damage, SERVPRO was there to do all the mitigation and remodel! On www.yourhoustonhomeinspector... READ MORE

Upstairs neighbor

An upstairs neighbor had a toilet leak which led to damage on the below unit's ceiling. Before we could fix the damage of the leak we had to figure out where ex... READ MORE

Water snuck under

After having a leak from a busted pipe, SERVPRO had to replace all the flooring in this home. Stagnant water can be a very dangerous event in your home or busin... READ MORE

Flooding everywhere

This disaster was the result of a flood. After the severe weather we have had this home was a little more than just wet. Through a leaky window this home suffer... READ MORE

Don't Just Jiggle The Handle

This household experienced significant water damage and thus mold infestation when they ignored the fact that their toilet ran and ran. They kept thinking that... READ MORE

Moisture and Poor Ventilation is Recipe for Mold

This homeowner called SERVPRO with a pretty serious mold issue. The water heater was in a closet that was not ventilated and a very thick door. They never rea... READ MORE

Rusted Out Water Heater Causes Damage

SERVPRO responded recently to a vacation home where the hot water heater had rusted through and water had spilled out on to the floor. You can take precautions ... READ MORE

Cost Of Friendship With DIY Projects

SERVPRO responded to a call from a homeowner with some pretty serious water issues. This homeowner decided to have a friend help him patch his roof but the fla... READ MORE